Seminarieprogram för Persontrafik med Nordiskt Lokaltrafikmöte i samverkan med InformNorden, Färdtjänstdagarna och Skolskjutsdagarna.

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Words of welcome; Nordic Stream with InformNorden and Nordisk lokaltrafik
Open Data create possibilities for big and small players in the Swedish transport service industry
Collection and sharing of data
Big data – Travel card data – How to get more value out of data we already have?
How new technology provides support for different traveller needs
Individual info posters at bus stops – automated production based on clever logic, digital timetable and route data + open source code
Ask the speakers - Q&A: How clever are we in sharing data and does it pay-off?
Digitalizing passenger surveys
Movia’s Beacon-project – what is in the technology for us?
Ticketing as a Service in Switzerland
Technology doesn't feel, but our customers do - Why we stopped talking about digitalization and started talking about feelings
An approach to data driven maintenance through real time data streams and machine learning
Ask the speakers - Q&A: Services for mobile customers in a digitized world
Fika / Coffee Break
The new information systems - utilizing open source, micro services and streaming technologies for realtime connectivity
The Neural Neighborhood – How cities resemble Neural Networks with the help of AI
Chat robots in customer service channels – Case: Travel Guarantee
ITxPT – the new standard for innovation and interoperability
Ride with the time machine for a better trip
Ask the speakers - Q&A: Embracing new technology in PT
Wrap up of the InformNorden and NLMT sessions